• Scott Smith // lead pastor


    Scott Smith is the founding and Senior Pastor of Wellspring Church. He has served at two churches in Texas and Missouri as Minister to Students and Families. Scott is a graduate of Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC, and completed his Masters from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in May 2013. He has been married to Mary Jo for 17 years and they have 2 children; Grayson and Mollie Kate.

  • Jadon Fricker // Wellspring Kids' Pastor


    Jadon was born in Oklahoma and was raised in the church. Volunteering in his church’s children’s and youth ministry since he was a teenager, he saw the importance of reaching the next generation for Christ. He recently graduated from Ozark Christian College with a degree in Children’s Ministry.

    Jadon is married to Abby Fricker as of June 10, 2023.

  • Noah Ulrich // Wellspring STUDENTS & Young Adults


    Noah is from Garden City Kansas and is now a student at Ozark Christian College. Noah is pursuing a degree in General Ministry and planning on working with Young Adults in ministry. Noah is married to Kathryn Ulrich as of March 19, 2022. Noah loves to worship God, whether that be through a class or sitting listening to a sermon. He loves to serve others and expressing the abundant love that God provides.

  • Kent van natta // spiritual formations


    Kent Van Natta has served in ministry as a lead pastor, interim pastor, life groups director, itinerate speaker, and author since 2000. Kent graduated from UCF with a Bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Communications in 2003 and achieved a Master’s in Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2006. He has been married to Cassie for 18 years and they have 2 children; Abigail and Nathan.

  • mary jo smith // communications


    MJ is the Director of Communications at Wellspring. She graduated from James Madison University and is a former teacher. She has been married to Scott for over 17 years and has two children, Grayson and Mollie Kate. 

  • Silas Drake // wellspring kids' intern