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Adult Leaders: Tyler Davison, Dakota Witzman, (female leader TBD)

Travel DatesJuly 21-July 27, 2018
Location: 35 miles south of Denver, CO, near Castle Rock, CO, 7,000 ft. above sea level.
Who: Any student ages 12+
What: Christian camp located in the Rocky Mountains. Each day consists of two sessions, morning and evening, with various recreational activities available during the day. We will take a couple of short day trips to different locations for activities.
Price: $100 per attendee

 The goal of this trip is to provide an opportunity to connect with God at a deeper level and form a deeper friendships within the body of Christ. While we will have a great time on this trip, this is not a vacation. It is a spiritual retreat. Come prepared to work hard (setting up camp, cooking food, doing dishes, fetching water, etc) and grow deeper in your relationship with Christ.

 Payment: A complete payment is due before we leave for the trip on Saturday morning, July 21. We ask that the payment be made in full by the time of departure. If finances are a concern, let us know. At Wellspring, our policy is that finances will never keep a student from attending a function if we can help it. If there are financial obstacles, please let us know, and we will work out a plan on a case-by-case basis. Checks should be made to Wellspring Church with NYR on the memo line.

 Registration forms are due the day before departure to Tyler Davison. Do not email the forms in! Because this is our first time attending, we will complete registration upon arrival.

We realize that this requires a quick turnaround to make this work. For that reason, we are in need of a few camping supplies and food to make this trip a success. You can find a list of items and food needed on the Wellspring Church website page under the Wellspring Students tab. If you are willing to allow our students to borrow some of your gear or are willing to donate some food, you will be able to sign up there. Items can be brought to the church on or before Friday, July 20.

Why put all this work into a last minute project?
We were unable to go to our first camp choice earlier this summer.  We want our students to have an experience unlike any other and the opportunity for God to spark something in their lives. Our motivation for putting in this work is the gospel.

 Collect everything you are going to take and start packing!
 Prepare yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
 We will be at high altitudes so begin to hydrate with water now. Avoid excessive amounts of soda and sugar.
 We will be camping in tents and preparing most of our own food. This trip will stretch your comfort zones. Mentally prepare for this challenge.
 We will be spending the week studying God’s Word and worshiping him. Begin praying that God would work through this camp to show you his glorious grace!

What does a normal day consist of?
1. Waking up to a crisp, Colorado morning
2. The smell of breakfast cooking on a griddle or barbeque grill
3. What's a port-a-potty and where do I flush?
4. Morning Main Session in the valley
5. Classes by age group in various locations
6. Lunch at my campsite
7. Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Horseshoes, Hiking, Fishing,'s up to you
8. Supper
9. Evening Main Session in the valley
10. Campfire with your youth group discussing what God has done that day.
11. Enjoy the comfort of a warm sleeping bag and a soft pillow all before midnight.

Tyler Davison: (417) 540-9577

wellspring students

The Wellspring Students youth group at Wellspring Church is for junior high and high school students, ranging from grades 7-12. We exist to serve and equip students through sound teaching, community, and discipleship by coming alongside parents to create gospel-maturity and a love for God in their students. It is our desire that each student here at Wellspring hear and know the gospel, the good news of the Bible that God saves sinners through Jesus Christ. We firmly believe that the gospel is God’s power to save anyone with faith in Him, and we preach that gospel unashamedly (Romans 1:16-17). In a dark world, we believe that the gospel is the beacon of hope and joy in Christ that students need.

Wellspring students meets once a week to build relationships with fellow students and leaders, to have fun through games and activities, and to learn from God’s Word.

For more information contact Tyler Davison.

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